Posted: Aug 20 2014

I am constantly impressed and inspired by the amazing women around me, they set their mind to something and work their butts off to make it happen. One of these said people is Karolina Partyka, an individual who appreciates a good gin a little more than most, and who was determined to create a tonic syrup that would embrace the flavours of this wonderful botanical spirit rather than erode it like a bottle of Schweppes.

Blood Moon is the result of her efforts. It comes in three flavours; Traditional, Australian Native and Unsweetened and is sure to change the ol' G&T forever.

Here's a blurb from Karolina's Pozible campaign which absolutely smashed target in only 3 days (but you can still put money down to score some Blood Moon rewards!)

"Blood Moon tonic syrup is a non-alcoholic concentrated syrup, designed to be diluted with soda water (or still water if you prefer). It is built around a core ingredient of cinchona bark, which was originally used to combat malaria in the 17th century, and is a natural source of quinine, the substance which gives tonic its bitterness.

The amazing thing about this syrup is it's so much more versatile than regular tonic water. It's flavour is subtly richer and more complex, so it works really well with many other spirits, including tequila, whiskey, and gin, and, because it's a concentrated syrup, you can use it in cocktails in a similar way to how you'd use bitters."

And as a gin lover/tonic hater I'm particularly excited about this project.

Head over to the Blood Moon Pozible campaign here: to donate/pre-purchase your selection.


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