Posted: Oct 14 2014

It is possible that up until now, the idea of wearing pink shoes had never occured to you. We can only hope that by looking at the image above your pink-preconceptions have been blown out of the water!

The new style to arrive in store is the Isabella Sawtell sandals. Available in this killer pink and yellow combo, or the more respectable all black, they run from a size 42 to a size 44.

There's a padded footbed for your comfort and the leather is oh-so-soft so you can walk around around in them all day long.

These are a great style for longer feet as the placement of the straps offers fantastic proportions. Something we know that all larger footed ladies look for (well, we know that we are!)

If you would like to shop the Isabella sandals you can follow this link:

They're only $145.00 and once they sell out they'll be gone for good!

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