Posted: Oct 09 2011

My friend recently sent me this wee blurb taken from the Daily Telegraph in Sydney titled ‘Girls Hate Big Feet’. The very brief article mentioned that a study in the UK (which was commissioned by Debenhams) has shown the shoe sizes have gone up a size and half in the past 20 years (something which anyone reading this blog can probably attest too) but women are becoming more ashamed of their feet because these larger sizes are considered masculine. 

I can completely understand why women (especially those in their late teens and early twenties) harbour this embarrassment. How can you feel it's totally normal to have large size feet when it’s almost impossible to find shoes that fit them?

But I realised quite a few years back that, although my feet were maybe larger than other sizes out there, they were perfectly suited to me. At almost 6” it makes perfect sense for me to have size 11 feet, in fact it’d almost be downright dangerous to not have them. God knows I have enough trouble keeping balance as it is!

And to those guys ask me what shoe size I am – yes, I am the same size shoe as you, but I’m also two inches taller than you, so in comparison my feet are downright dainty!

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