Posted: Feb 02 2012


Brodie Donegan, who is a very dear friend of Uncommon Ground, has recently taken on a massive challenge and we’re really excited to be able help her out. On Christmas Day 2009 Brodie was involved in a horrendous accident while out walking. She was 32 weeks pregnant with her daughter Zoe when she was hit by a car and pinned against a tree. Rescuers were unable to release her for 3 hours. Although Zoe was still alive upon reaching the Royal North Shore Hospital, she died shortly after.

After 2 years and countless hours of rehabilitation and hard work Brodie has recently accepted the challenge of doing the London Marathon this year. To do so she needs to raise $13,000 for her charity of choice Miracle Babies.

She is currently holding an online auction through Facebook where you can bid on a large number of great items including a $100 Uncommon Voucher. This is a great chance to help an amazing woman raise money for a great charity, as well as maybe score yourself a bargain!

You can find the auction on the WALK FOR ZOE Facebook page.

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