The BIG Shoe Swap

Posted: Sep 09 2012

Last Wednesday we were really excited to host the very first Big Shoe Swap (for sizes 9 and up) in conjunction with Zensation Tea House. Held at the Tea House on Bourke St, Redfern, we likened it to a shoe amnesty - donate the shoes that you no longer wear, in the hopes that another lovely lady will get a chance to wear them instead. And maybe you'll find a new pair to love instead.

It felt like there were more pairs of shoes than in Imelda Marcos' wardrobe and many a happy lady managed to score herself a new (already worn in) set of kicks.

Plus the lovely Christina from Zensation made sure we were kept fueled throughout the evening with delicious dumplings and sake.

Thanks so much to everyone who showed up, donated shoes or found a new pair to fall in love with. We'll be hosting another event in about 3 months time, which will be open to the public so stay tuned for more info.

You can find more info about Zensation Tea House HERE and you can like the newly created Facebook page for The Big Shoe Swap HERE.

A sneaky pair of stripper heels made it into the mix. Which were (un)surprisingly the comfiest pair of heels we'd ever tried.

A great moment were a flat only wearing Bettina (right) trades some cute brogues for some some killer red peeptoes with the queen of the heels Agata (left).

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