Posted: Aug 04 2013

Image credit: Kuwaii Instragram 

We love seeing brands trying to make a difference. Especially when that difference revolves around positive body image. As ladies with big feet, I'm sure we've all had moments of feeling that because we were outside the realm of what retail determined to be normal sizing, our bodies were actually abnormal. Personally, I remember shoe shopping for large size shoes as a teenager was torture, and I'm sure many of you can agree.

As there are so many other amazing young women struggling with their own body issues, Australian jewellery brand Poms has teamed up with As/Is to create a super sweet bracelet to remind us all that we are all beautiful as/is. All profits from the sale of the bracelets will go to Eating Disorders Victoria. 

You can snap up your own bracelet, and read more about them, on the POMS WEBSITE or from the Brunswick store of lovely ladies at KUWAII.

Image credit: Poms Jewellery Instagram

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