Posted: Aug 16 2013

We're eagerly waiting the arrival of the new season CHAOS & HARMONY shoes and the pre-orders are now open HERE.

Excitingly, this is the very first time that the New Zealand brand have done larger sizes!

Remember ladies, we've got to support these rad local brands that are taking a chance and making the larger sizes, because the more we buy, the more styles in big sizes they'll make!

The story below is from the founder of Uncommon Ground, Krissy Crawford, about how we came to work with Chaos & Harmony:

"I met the owner and designer of Chaos & Harmony, Rebecca Anderson, at a trade show (in fact, the same trade show that I met Brad from Jamie Fame) back in 2011 when Uncommon Ground was preparing to launch. At the time C&H were only doing to a size 41 or 42, which was still not much help to a big percentage of UCG customers. 

It wasn't until the order for this Spring/Summer 13-14 that Rebecca emailed to say that they could now do larger sizes up to a 44! After doing a little dance around the computer in excitement, we got ordering. It was still too difficult for their factory to create lasts (the moulds for the shoes) for the heels in their range, but they could do the great Play flatforms and Lottie oxford style shoes.

It's so exciting to see that more and more smaller brands are taking a chance with larger sizes. Now it's our job to keep supporting these brands so they can keep making larger sizes!"

As the order is still a week or two from arriving we've had to grab a bunch of photos from the Chaos & Harmony INSTAGRAM account so you can get a better idea of what they look like. WE CAN'T WAIT!

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