• Provensen Buddy Boot | Uncommon Ground





With a background in fashion forecasting, footwear designer Faye Montalban diligently keeps an eye on the future whilst simultaneously reflecting on vintage styles of the past. In 2010 using her intuition to combine the two for inspiration and with a strong desire to design outside of shifting trends, Faye created the coveted label PROVENSEN.

Collating snapshots of art, design, fashion and culture, Montalban distills these elements through her own unique experience and her pieces emerge waiting to be given life. Feeling the footwear as she creates it, each design is transformed once it’s on the wearer. Here the effect is almost a collaborative meeting, where both the style of the shoe and the style of the wearer are able to integrate and flourish. The considered design means that no two owners of the shoe will ever make it look the same. Provensen prides itself on thoughtful creation and the importance of how electric the right pair of shoes can make you feel.