41 10 10 8 26.5 - 27.0
42 11 11 9 27.0 - 27.5
43 12 12 10 27.5 - 28.0
44 13 13 11 28.0 - 28.5
45 14 14 12 28.5 - 29.0


Shoe size can vary between brands and styles, and we get that it can be tricky to find the right size. Follow the tips below to help you purchase the perfect pair. 

Find the Length of Your Foot
- On a solid flooring surface, place a piece of paper against a wall or skirting board.
- Place your heel against the wall and mark on the paper where your longest toe reaches. 
- Measure from the wall edge of the paper to your toe mark. 

Don’t forget your left foot and right foot are often different lengths, so be sure to measure both and take the size of the largest foot. 


Use the Product Information
Certain brands or styles can run a size larger or smaller. We’ll include this information on the product page when we have this information available.

Just Slightly Too Big?
Try using a half insole in the front half off your shoe. This will help to push the foot into the heel of the shoe. 

Send Us An Email
Remember we're just an email away! If you have any queries regarding the length of a certain style please email and we can measure the insole for you.